Transform Yourself & Influence Your Networks

Sessions focus on creating clarity, impact, development of authentic voice and leadership presence.

Using the Analytic-Network Coaching System we begin in depth to help you understand what really matters to you – your purpose, values, fears and hopes. From here we expand to consider your external world, your relationships, what you want to do, what you want to happen, the networks you want to influence and what your audience expects from you.
This is a 12 hour one-to-one virtual programme.

Please contact me to arrange a complimentary discovery session to find out more.

“Leadership can be a bit ephemeral. Louise has helped keep it active, grounded, and part of a bigger vision for me personally and what is needed for the people I lead/serve. It is surprising to think back over the course and see what it has all helped to change. It has kept things motivating.”

– Tim Graham, CEO Manx Wildlife Trust

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