Louise is brilliant – she gets her clients to think about the essence of their message – it’s much more than just helping them become confident presenters

Liam FitzPatrick Quiller Consultants

Louise is insightful, creative, supportive, challenging and fun in equal measure. Our clients have always had the highest praise for her work and many have commented that she has transformed their communication and leadership style.

Rosemary Harper KearyHarper LLP

I always come away from Louise feeling uplifted and inspired

Hayley Richardson Journalist

Louise gave me confidence and helpful technique to combat my youthful inexperience for which I am very, very grateful.

Eleanor Tomlinson Actress

Just want to say a huge thank you for a brilliant ‘Speak with Confidence’ day on Thursday. I really enjoyed it, learned such a lot AND I’m a different person because of it! Truly. From the very beginning of the day, you’d got me. I loved the strategies. From Appropriate Boasting to ABCD, Warm Ups and Top Tips, it was a packed day and I don’t know where the time went. I can’t believe that every single one of us stood up with such confidence at the end of only one day, to ‘do our thing’! If I had any criticism it would be that I just wanted more!!!!!

Jan Tinsley

“I was in a bit of a dark place when I came across Louise’s Workshops. I had been treading water professionally, surviving only by stilling my voice and dampening my spirit. I knew I had to break out but lacked the tools and maybe even the hope or courage to do so. Louise’s workshops enabled me to reclaim my voice, – to growl, howl, laugh and dance dizzily. I rediscovered the right to imagine myself differently.

I think Louise weaves a magic that helps you confront deep fear and recall the strong, ringing voice that is truly our birth right. Change is tough work. But… by finding my voice, I now believe I can do it. That is truly a MIND CHANGE.”


“Leadership can be a bit ephemeral. Louise has helped keep it active, grounded, and part of a bigger vision for me personally and what is needed for the people I lead/serve. It is surprising to think back over the course and see what it has all helped to change. It has kept things motivating.”

Tim Graham CEO Manx Wildlife Trust

”Louise is an excellent coach, I have learned so much through the process”

Alison Teare Simply Marketing

“Louise’s Coaching represents a good Return on Investment – the more I considered the challenges and behaviours driving the outcomes I was seeing, the more actionable insights I was in a position to implement. We layered management team group sessions on top of 1:1 sessions. These open sessions really helped me to understand and work with the rationale for the actions and decisions that were being taken across our leadership team. We ended up with a more efficient leadership team – sensitive enough to individual styles, sensible enough to make effective decisions quickly. I’d recommend Louise. Her process ensures that you take the time to pause, reflect and consider why your behaviours are driving the outcomes that they do.”

Senior Executive Travel Industry

“Louise’s workshops are mind expanding, beautiful and they have the potential to unlock the creative elements inside you.”

Robert Jones Sculptor